SHIPPING INFORMATION - packing your sample

UK ENTRANTS: You may use standard postal systems or delivery/courier services.

OVERSEES ENTRANTS: Please complete steps 1-6 outlined below

                          1. Print out the entry nomination PDF included on your confirmation email and include it in the package with your samples.
                          2. Include your Transaction ID (found on your invoice and confirmation email, starting BBA25) and Company Name on the outside of the package.
                          3. Please ensure your courier includes your Transaction ID on the paperwork.
                          4. Oversees samples must be sent as Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). Instruction to complete the import declaration should be given to your chosen shipping agent or courier company such as Fedex, DHL, UPS and TNT. Please DO NOT use standard postal systems. They regularly get held up at customs, and we are unable to clear or collect.
                          5. You must package your samples marked "Shipper accepts charges" on the documentation provided by your shipping agent or courier company, as all charges are your responsibility as the entrant to pay. Keep a copy of the documents as proof that UK Duties have been paid.
                          6. All bottles being sent from outside the UK must be accompanied by a commercial invoice for the purpose of paying UK VAT. If you use your own commercial invoice you MUST include the following: Importers Record Address - Agile Media, Jubilee House, 56-58 Church Walk, Burgess Hill RH15 9AN; Product name, Description of product, Quantity of products, Bottle Volume and ABV of bottle. A sample commercial invoice can be downloaded from the link below and must be included with your shipment. If using the sample commercial invoice, please complete all sections highlighted in red.


                          • Ensure bottles are safely packaged to avoid breakages.
                          • BBAs take no responsibility for spirits bottles damaged, broken or lost in transit.
                          • We advise taking out insurance where applicable.
                          • Please note bottles will not be returned.
                          • Please adhere to the shipping delivery deadlines outlined above. Late arrivals will not be accepted and neither credits nor refunds will be issued if samples fail to arrive on time.

                          Shipping Address

                          Bartenders' Brand Awards 2025
                          c/o Wine Sorted
                          Little Owl Farm
                          Main Road
                          OX5 2RE

                          Telephone: +44 (0) 1869 226 256

                          Warehouse delivery instructions: Deliveries between 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday - Friday

                          All pallet deliveries need to be booked in and the maximum vehicle size is 7.5 tonne

                          QUANTITY OF PRODUCTS TO SEND

                          Product Type

                          Sample Size


                          Spirits & Low & No Alcohol Distilled Spirits:

                          500ml / 700ml / 750ml / 1litre

                          2 bottles

                          Soft Drinks & Mixers, Pre-Mixed Drinks, Syrups, Purees & Cordials

                          200ml / 330ml 

                          8 bottles

                          * If your product is carbonated - please adhere to quantities noted in the Soft Drinks & Mixers section.

                          Please ensure that all carbonated products must be in date for consumption on 31st January 2025.

                          BOTTLE DELIVERY DEADLINES

                          ProductDelivery Deadline

                          Agave Spirits, Brandy & Cognac, Low & No Alcohol, Pre-Mixed Drinks, Soft Drinks & Mixers, Scotch Whisky, Syrups, Cordials & Purees, Vodka

                           25th October 2024

                          American Whiskey, Gin, Irish Whiskey, Liqueurs, Rum, Vermouth, World Whiskies

                          29th November 2024