The judging process is unique and covers the key factors bartenders need to know before making purchasing decisions, namely taste, design and value. Our step-by-step assessment rewards the best drinks products in each category.

The Bartenders’ Brand Awards judging panel is home to some of the finest bartenders in the world. Each of our judges has been carefully selected based on their personal achievements, tasting skills and experience in the UK bar industry. Judging takes place remotely, drawing the best talent from the south and north of the UK. Our judging panel includes over 50 bartenders representing some of best bars in the UK today.


The blind tasting is a professional and highly controlled process, assessed by over 50 of the UK’s leading bar professionals. Tasting samples are presented by category based on their style, age and origin. Each product is blind tasted and scored on its aroma, complexity, taste and versatility in cocktails where appropriate.


In our assessment for design and packaging, judges are asked to evaluate bottles by their creative design, back-bar appeal and functionality (including shape, size, weight and ease of pouring).


Our value awards create a strong reference tool for the bar industry and consumers. Judges will be asked whether given their taste, and design if each product offers good value for money. Here the recommended retail price and alcoholic strength is revealed and the blind-tasted drinks are discussed and reviewed among the panel.


Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to the best-performing drinks products in each of the tasting, value and design assessments. Taste is scored out of 50 points with Value and Design scored at 25 points each. There is a maximum score of 100 points available. The highest scoring brand in each category will be awarded the accolade of category champion.